Posture Checklist

Would you like to appear more confident? It is easier than you think! What you need to do is simply improve your posture! When you look at the person with a good posture it is hard to think anything else than “confident”. Confidence is associated with good posture and always was – look at the royal family or even actors! Good posture helps you look more confident and often makes you more confident as well. Where to start? Start with our checklist! Small changes can really make a big difference. Give our checklist a month and you will notice less backache, give it two-three months and you will start receiving compliments from others!


SLEEPING – Sleep on your back or on your side with your spine in a neutral position, try to alternate side on which you sleep (if possible).

STRETCHING – Add stretching to your daily routine – add new stretches to already establish routine e.g. if you brush your teeth first thing at the morning, make sure that you stretch straight after that!

BREATHING – Perform diaphragmatic breathing to reduce stress and improve relaxation


REGULAR POSTURE BREAKS – get up every hour, walk for a minute and have

Use your lunch breaks as a walk breaks, move your spine!

POSTURE REMINDER – Set Outlook reminders to remember about the upright posture

COMPUTER SET UP – Bring your computer screen up to eye level to avoid looking down for prolonged periods of time. If you are using a laptop you can get a stand and a keyboard to make this possible.

HEADSET – If you talk a lot on your mobile or landline use a headset to make it easier on your neck.

BACK BUDDY – Try to use support cushions to improve your posture e.g. Back Buddy.

POSTURE CHECK – Try to implement regular posture checks, look at the mirrors or when you pass shop display (how is your posture?)

POSTURE RE/SET – To make sure that you are having the right posture stand with your back against the wall, make sure that your head and shoulders & feet touch the wall. Place your hand in the lower spine to make sure that the gap is no bigger than the hand & if it is larger than that tuck your tail bone and soften your knees.