At Wellness In Motion we offer Personal and Group Fitness Training Tailored to Your Needs and Abilities.

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  • Do you need help in reaching your fitness goals?
  • Would you like to lose weight and feel, look and move better?
  • Would you like to overcome your physical and emotional blocks when it comes to physical activities?

We offer 1:1 Personal Training & Group Sessions.

Download ZOOM prior your first session https://zoom.us/download

At Wellness In Motion, we agree that the decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering one. Having a dedicated fitness professional, supporting you through your fitness goals will allow you to reach your goals quicker.

Train with us in the comfort of your home, workplace or on the go from your stay.

I have been doing group sessions for about 4 weeks now, and they are great! A different challenge each week, and always sweating the whole way through! Posture is corrected, and each exercise is explained properly before you start. Would highly recommend.

Daisy B. Source: Google reviews

Our trainer

Chris Vonk is Level 3 Personal Trainer and qualified in Exercise (GP) Referral

Chris - Kettlebell

Are you looking to ignite your fitness and wellbeing or are you looking to supplement your current activities?  Chris specialises in training people who are looking to improve their mood, energy and confidence.  If the thought of attending the gym or getting fit overwhelming and intimidating, Chris will be with you every step of your fitness journey – you will see a new perspective and enjoyment to getting fitter and working towards a better you.  Physical fitness isn’t just about looking good, it really helps with mental health too.  If you are struggling with mental health or struggling with confidence, fitness sessions can really help improve self-esteem and positive thoughts.

Chris says:

“The hardest part is turning up but with every session different to the last and a new challenge each time, you can be sure that your sessions are fun, whilst you have pushed yourself and learned a little more about going beyond your own limiting beliefs”

One to one personal training sessions and ‘accountability sessions’ (two to one/with a friend) online training sessions.

To find out more please text/call Chris 07500030324 or e-mail: chris@wellnessinmotion.co.uk.