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Magdalena is a talented and conscientious practitioner who puts her values at the forefront of what she does. In conjuntion with her partner they promote fitness, health and wellbeing and set a perfect example.

Charlotte PooleGraham

There are lots of massage therapist around these days but what distinguishes Magdalena in this field is an amazing and unique holistic approach to their clients. She will not only deliver you a first class treatment but will also make you feel special throught her loving, compassionate and emphatetic attitude. She is genuinely interested in her clients physical and emotional needs. I highly recommend her

Angelina Gudzio

Magdelana is a fantastic therapist, she has a very professional and caring approach to practice. Her deep tissue massage has helped me tremendously, will definitely be recommending her services.

Anna Louise

After trying various massage therapists over time I have been very pleased with the results I have achieved with Magdalena. She brings a professional, friendly and caring approach to her work and also gives great advice to promote personal wellbeing.

Charlotte Alice

I think one of the most amazing things about Magdalena Lorynska is her consistency… the same passion she puts into her work, she puts into her community. I applaud her for it and wish her every success.

Nana Afua Pierre

I have had the pleasure of Magdalena’s massages fairly regularly over the last couple of years. I work in an office and have commuted some distance in previous jobs so periodically struggled with tense muscles leading to a backache. Magdalena responded to my problem and really helped to alleviate the stress, so I always ended up leaving feeling much better. Her advice on posture and stretching has also helped me to manage the problem week in, week out. Thank you!

Chris Neill

Magdalena is very professional and caring, and takes her time making sure that you’ll get the massage treatment you want and need. It’s very clear that she loves her job! 
Renny Slade
Magdalena is the best massage therapist I have found. She takes care with how she conducts her treatments and is great at finding those tense muscles! I would recommend her to anyone I know, and wouldn’t look further for a good treatment!
Sarah Jayne 
Magdalena is such a bright, happy and talented lady! She is a superb massage therapist and her work in all aspects of her life is admirable and inspiring, including her work with Samaritans. Magdalena is very humble but in the background she is always helping others and has such a beautiful soul. I would recommend her massage therapies to anyone and everyone.
Bonnie Lloyd

Magdalena is a talented and professional practitioner who cares about her customers. She promote wellbeing and healthy life.
She is highly professional, caring and supportive; her deep tissue massages help to cure my back pain. I’m looking forward to use Magda’s services in the future.

Stephan Alfonsi

I booked Magdalena to come to my home in the Forest of Dean today to give 6 x 20 minute chair (fully clothed) massages to me and and my friends. This is very similar to the package she offers to Companies. We are all seasoned massage customers so we know a good masseur when we see one and without exception, all my friends came out and said “she’s GOOD!!”. What’s great is that Magdalena listens to what (we and)our bodies are telling her and uses the right amount of pressure to suit a) our tastes and b) what’s required to iron out any knots, stresses and blockages. To have a few friends around at appointed times was such an easy thing for me to arrange and supports an amazing local business. I urge you to think about booking Magdalena in for your own highly enjoyable and relaxing Saturday morning. Thank you so much Magdalena – you are at the top of your field.

Wendy Murphy