Dual Renewal – a new way of improving your wellbeing


Magdalena Lorynska, the founder of Wellness In Motion, has partnered with Martin Brown who is a licensed Cognitive Hypnotherapist to create a unique experience for clients who struggle with issues like smoking, fear of heights or anxiety.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a new branch of therapy that has had incredible results for people with a variety of problems. The science is that the unconscious mind, which drives our daily actions, can be reprogrammed to change behaviours that we are not happy with. An example of this is anxiety. Most anxieties are rooted in an event or events earlier in our life. Our reaction to that event would have been to protect ourselves, but now that may be holding us back. Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy the therapist is able to interrupt the mind’s way of dealing with something and change it to make us react differently.

Martin has also had success with people with phobias, such as fear of spiders, fear of flying and fear of speaking in meetings or in public.

Smoking and overeating are other areas where Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective.

Trance state 

There is no such thing as hypnosis; we call the state a trance state. This is a naturally occurring state for everyone. How many times have you read a page of a book and then had to re-read it because you had no idea what you had just read? This is because you were not in the moment when you were reading, you were thinking about something else. This is a trance state.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy puts the client into a gently induced trance state to work on the unconscious mind. The client is fully conscious at all times. This is not like stage hypnotism where the subject is made to do silly things; this is a serious and highly effective way of helping people with a number of problems.

As well as being a cognitive hypnotherapist, Martin has also been a life coach for many years, first in California, then in Spain and now in the UK. Everyone deserves to be happy but many people lack the courage or the knowledge about how to maximize their happiness and live the fullest life that they can. Martin will listen to your situation and talk with you in detail about how to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

The role of massage in hypnotherapy 

There is evidence that having a massage immediately following a cognitive hypnotherapy session can optimize the experience, as your relaxation will aid the unconscious mind’s ability to understand and change towards the solution state that the client is looking for. So Martin has teamed up with his own masseuse, Magdalena, to offer clients a session of cognitive hypnotherapy, followed by a massage.

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