5 Reasons Why You Should Never Feel Guilty Getting A Massage

Young Man Receiving Back Massage At Spa

I hear it time and time again from my male and female clients, especially if they are parents.

You lay down on the massage table and comment that it’s been over a year since your last massage and you have desperately needed one but you felt guilty booking one! For that precise reason we decided to give you 5 reasons why you should NEVER feel guilty when getting a massage:

reason number 1

  1. Relieve tense muscles, and can help with your headaches!
  2. Less headaches mean less of being mean to people or feeling grumpy at work.
reason number 2
  1. Improves your sleep. Massage can help boost your serotonin levels which in turn have been proven to help with sleep.
  2. Better sleep better productivity!
reason number 3
  1. Helps you manage pain better. If you have extensive prescription medication costs around pain management, then having a regular massage can help to alleviate the pain.
  2. Less pain, happier you.
  reason number 4
  1. If you’re the one in the family who is always getting sick, catching every cold and spreading it to the kids and your partner – then never feel guilty for getting a Swedish or deep tissue massage.
  2. Massage will support your lymph system which is your own bodies defence system against illness.
  reason number 5
  1. Most importantly it makes you HAPPY! If something makes you happy than you should do it more often.
  2. You deserve the reward for working so hard. Scientists have proven than positive rewards motivate positive behaviours.

If you know someone who is always hesitating on booking an appointment, send them this message!

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