Is stress causing you back pain?

 We can help you with your back pain so you can feel more mobile and pain-free. 


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Are you a busy professional struggling with stress and aches?

We know the stresses of daily life with its deadlines and constant rushing around.

You may not even notice it affecting you at first. Until one day, suddenly, you have excruciating back or neck pain that you can’t explain and you need to take time off from work. You may be more tired for no obvious reason, have trouble concentrating, missing appointments. You may begin to put on, or even lose, weight. Sound familiar?

These things happen for a reason and we are here to help you move, function and feel better.

At Wellness In Motion, we help individuals (young professionals, new mothers and those appreciating retirement) to create wellbeing routines which are compatible with their lifestyle.

We believe that wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. Wellness and wellbeing can include physical, emotional and nutritional elements, as well as many other aspects.

We understand if you are a busy mother, you most likely won’t have time to have one massage treatment a week and exercise every day. However, we can help you improve your mobility and the way how your body feels by planning into your busy diary, short treatments and quick stretches.

We also know if you’re a retired professional, with some time available you may appreciate more than one massage treatment a month. We can provide you with relaxing massage packages to suit your needs.

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More about Wellness In Motion

Wellness In Motion was created by award-winning therapist and exercise coach Magdalena Lorynska, in 2011. We believe the early development of a healthy wellness routine can have a very powerful impact on you, improving your quality of life both now and in your future. We can tailor a program to suit your individual needs.

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Did you know?

We can create treatments and coaching programs to ease your pain, reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind and body in a holistic way.

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